Library Plus


The brief was to re-imagine the future of the library and how we could re-brand it to make into a place in which people in their communities would want to engage with again. Sadly, many libraries in the UK are being closed down due to funding cuts, so the main focus of this brief was about how we could save small community libraries and make them relevant to society again.


After a lot of brainstorming, concept development, and sketching, we decided to call the re-brand of the library, Library Plus as it demonstrates that while still the library, it can offer more than previously considered.


The symbol of a book in the logo is a traditional symbol with immediate associations, and contains a ‘half heart’ shape, in keeping with the aspect of the campaign that one can find their ‘perfect match’ at the library. The clean lines and shapes represent branding that epitomises the ‘new’ library.

The customer journey was developed around a series of discrete campaign elements that work together funnelling different demographics towards the same goal of increasing library attendance.

Social Media Campaign

The social media campaign targets a younger group unfamiliar with the library but who keenly engage with viral campaigns like ‘Book Selfies’. This involves sharing pictures of themselves alongside a book through Instagram with other followers. (This is a real campaign 

Print / Poster Campaign

The print campaign is aimed at young professionals with a disposable income wanting to attend events to share common interests. The posters tie together unusual pairings of reader and book with tag lines further connecting this pairing with available events.

Videos / Media

Finally the video teaser primarily targets an older group watching TV, but might also be seen on video sharing sites. This connects viewers to the library as an institution with which they may have previously engaged, but forgotten. The nostalgia of enjoying a good book entices the viewers to share this experience with their young families by visiting the library.


The website and application provide a common end point for all target demographics, linking campaign elements and providing valuable information about local libraries, events and facilities. Moreover, by utilising additional technology outside the library setting, interactive book vending machines in strategic locations would be attractive to members with busy schedules. This would be linked with the application and website to show stock and popular selections made by other users.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 22.08.25.png

Library Plus App Demo


Library Plus Campaign