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I'm Carolina Beiertz an internationally published designer and photographer based in Manchester. With a solid background in design and photography, I help businesses tell stories that are worth sharing by creating unique and engaging ways in which to present them.

I was born and raised in Panama (I am also half Swedish), and have been living and working in Europe since 2008. The main aim within my design and creative work is to challenge people’s perceptions and inspire them to change in one way or another. I strongly believe that design fails when it doesn’t work at the level of the user, regardless of how visually arresting it might be.

Projects that I enjoy working on the most are ones where I feel I bring value into people's lives, especially when it comes to behaviour change campaigns, or projects for social good. When I start working on any creative project, I tend to fully immerse myself in it. 

My design work has been published in an international design magazines, and in a typography book. 

When I'm not busy designing, I spend my free time running many events such as Drinkn'Doodle, a monthly collaborative drawing art event that aims to encourage more people to draw. I also spend a lot of my free time travelling and blogging about my adventures to inspire others to do the same. 

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Creative Services

• Logo Design
• Brand Strategy
• Editorial Design
• Creative Direction
• Branding and Identity
• Social Media Marketing
• Social Media Content Strategy
• Fashion Look books
• Website Design
• Photography 


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